A couple of arguments to throw at anti-gay marriage activists

22 Jan

Social changes are never simple. Minority changes the least of all, because they are just that, minority, underdog issues. The status quo suits the majority just fine, and when it comes to support, well, either you’re concerned and a minority, or you’re sympathetic but unconcerned in the majority, and when it comes time to vote: you don’t.

The question of Gay Rights, is no different, old adages have taken root in the mass psyche as common sense, one of the inevitable results of institutionalized (government or religious) segregation or discrimination. In those instances, numbers are overwhelmingly for the status quo. Not out of hatred, worse: out of common sense.

Let’s test the limits of that common sense shall we?

  • Gay Marriage, adoption, you name it, will cause such profound changes that society as we know it, will never recover.

Fail 1: Let’s go back to the last major cataclysm threatening to change society as we know it: Women. Are they intellectually capable of assuming the responsibility of the voting process? Can they work? Well? What about lipstick on typewriters? Who will take care of the kids? What will that mean for “Society”?

Nothing, all those points, debated by scientists, sociologists, parish preachers, politicians and the guy at the bar alike, were so much reactionary hokum. How you feel ladies? Burdened by your responsibilities? All that hairspray getting in the way of your thinking?

Women who argue against gay marriage for reasons of social change should, if not change their mind, at least remember that they were that social threat not so long ago, and are still viewed as such in many parts of the world, and still have some ways to go before you can talk about equality in practice and not before law in the West. Just a thought…

Fail 2: Let’s look at things chronologically before getting carried away and standing up for “society”. In many countries where Gay marriage is being contested in the most politically correct of terms, men and women are allowed to have an operation which would alter them biologically: a sex change, and those same biological changes are supported by society since you can legally change your affiliation form Male to Female, we voted on that, and it PASSED. Yet, the simple fact of those very same people agreeing to share legal responsibilities, and moving in together is viewed as the next social calamity. Ironic since we seem to love transsexuals on American Idol.

  • God doesn’t want Gays to marry.

Maybe, but that’s why it’s a civil and not a religious union. Gays could also convert to more homophilic theologies: welcome to the Anglican Church ladies, gents and transgender, the weather is terrible, but the freedom is great, and the Pope would hate that, if that’s what you’re into.

  • Gay couple adoption is unfair to children, because it deprives them of two natural parents.

Fail: Children who are up for adoption have already been deprived of natural parents, by their natural parents, giving them away for adoption is not depriving them in any way, it’s trying to fix an imbalance, that neither them, nor homosexuals are responsible for.

  • Gay couple adoption deprives children of the choice between being raised by a straight couple or a gay couple.

Fail 1: Children don’t have a choice in the adoption process as it is; if they had there would be much fewer adoptions. Whose gonna want the overweight but loving couple when they could pick an athlete and a super model for parents, even if they’re assholes, given the choice? Most children don’t get to pick thier school clothes, but adoption agencies are gonna ask them for their ideal family? The other leg’s got bells on it…The adoption process should be transparent, fair and based on universal criteria, but it has not, and does not, involve a child’s choice.

Fail 2: Single parents are allowed to adopt and have been so for nigh 60 years, so there, so much for new found deprivations.

  • Gay couple adoption is damaging to the child, and would bring about an end of the social order as we know it.

Fail 1: There is no evidence of that, none. The phenomenon is not large enough for significant empirical evidence to be analyzed, unless you look at countries where gay marriage and adoption are matter of fact as they are in the Netherlands. Nonetheless, it is difficult to argue that it wouldn’t unless you consider the below.

Fail 2: Single men and women are allowed to adopt. Single men, and women have been adopting legally, since the 60s with no intention of getting married? How suspicious is that? (sic) Unless you’re blind, the conclusion is obvious: gay adoption has been happening since the 60s, except that they were never legally married and could only adopt as single parents. It is quite telling that requirements for single parent adoption are even more stringent than for couples, but you get the point: legalizing gay adoption would not bring about social change, it would bring transparency to the grey area determined by “single parent adoption”. We would know where the children go, if there is an actual family unit or not, if there is any psychological damage to the child, etc. Gay adoption, just like Gays, is nothing new, but just like homosexuality until recently, it’s just not out in the open yet.

  • Children will be the object of mockery.

This argument is so stupendously silly that the answer is not so much: fail, as it is: So what? Children fight and mock each other. Remember Brown vs Board of Education? Think the first black kid in an integrated school wasn’t mocked or bullied? Do you recall the outrage? Or that children of single mothers weren’t? That their mothers weren’t called whores? They were. They are not anymore. You can’t normalize a situation without normalizing it in practice. Sure the kid will get sass for his parents being gay, so what? Another child is getting bullied by everybody for being the smelly kid, and “everybody” includes the kid getting mocked for having gay parents.

Children just like people, react differently, one kid might internalize the taunting, and even kill him, herself, or go on a killing spree. It is tragic, really, undeniably sad, but another kid is gonna beat the living crap out of his bullies and that’s three little punks who’ve just learned respect for homosexuals.

Society changes, it’s inevitable, and when it does there is resistance, but to believe that a social change is so significant that “society” (however defined) will not recover is more fiction than science, and ultimately is nothing more than the outward, politically correct expression of a hatred so deep and ancient that it is considered normal.

“People don’t like change. But make the change fast enough and you go from one type of normal to another.” Terry Pratchett

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